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Let us define location. It is every thing outside the living space of house


Loosely it is suburb or council area. Locality is suitable based on the family’s need. The amenities required by family members on daily, weakly, monthly and yearly basis.

The amenities such as school, public transport, major roads, distance and time to travel for work or school, local shopping, specialty shops, medical facilities, place of worship, place of entertainment etc.


Smaller area within one or two kilometer from home. The information such as crime in area, facilities like library, gardens, walk ways, street car parking, swimming pool, safety of walking in area after hours. Expected behavior of people in area, in terms of culture, linguistic and food habits. Occasional needs arising out of visiting parents or friends.

Plot and building layout

How the building lay out in the plot and hence your ability to enjoy the area with in the plot, such as cleanliness in strata, maintenance of cloth drying area or rubbish bin area, lighting in common area, age of building, paint, plaster and impression of building.

Inspect the locale paths to go home from public transport and others at different time of day and also different days of week, if possible during different seasons.

Keep in mind that the house purchased should serve the purpose for at least next five years.

The investor generally look at earning and capital gain. But if investment is done keeping a customer profile and property is purchased will be easy to rent for those customer. 

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