Open House Inspection

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  Building inspections

Inspection during open house

Before going for open house please read the advertisement and confirm does it match in reality. Keep a note for the property to highlight things that impressed you and things at first glance did not appeal you but you are ready to compromise.

Do not be surprised but be sure

Please be on look out for signs of decay, discoloration, rusting, cracks and water marks on wall and ceilings. Be on lookout for uneven floor or ground surface, in and outside of building. This inspection shall allow what question you should be able to ask the building inspector or real Estate agent i.e. property broker for negotiations.


It is preferable to get house inspected by building and pest inspector if building is old.

The building report shall  e more about photographic evidence of information rather then disclaimers. The report shall include area such as

  1. The Foundation
  2. Roof and Attic
  3. Framing & structure
  4. Interior Structure (Non-cosmetic)
  5. Chimney
  6. Kitchen Appliances
  7. Laundry Rooms & Bathrooms
  8. Electrical System 
  9. Heating and Air Conditioning System
  10. Garage
  11. Pool and fence safety

Inspection usually last for about 2-3 hours on the site and probably 2-3 from order to report in email.  Cost of inspection depends on the details you have asked to have in report if it is just pre purchase report it may be $400-$600. It may be as high as $2000-$5000 if you have asked testing of electrical, plumbing or dis infestation. Usually it is good idea to be present when building inspector is doing on site inspection, this will allow you to see first hand the areas of defects and associated risks.

To locate building inspector in your area you can type “building inspection 2145” and replace the 2145 by the post code of your area in Google maps.

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