Refinance: Mortgage > 4 You may be Overpaying

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Refinance: Mortgage need shopping around

Refinance mortgage to find suitable product and saving money for their home loans.

Meeting for refinance with SlimMoneyAU

ABS estimates that an average Australian mortgage borrower is paying at least half a percentage more than they should refinance.

There are many reasons to evaluate and shop around. Use the money saved for

  • Kids’ education
  • Pay your home loan faster
  • Money to travel and enjoy holiday
  • Buy things in house
  • Renovate to make living more comfortable

Money paid to the lender as interest lost forever. Your hard-earned money saved and used for your life events rather than filling your lender’s coffers. Usually, lenders do not reward you for how long you have been with your lender. It is a mutually beneficial relationship as you get the loan to buying home & lender got the interest. You should be financial mature and take care of your interest. Put your finances first by shopping around for a better deal with help of SlimMoneysAU.

Refinance Mortgage Product features

If the mortgage interest rate on your home loan does start with a four or more, you needed to do shopping around and save. The good news is, there are mortgage brokers like SlimMoneysAU to find a money saving options during refinance. All kinds of customers with a small or big loan, low LVR to high LVR, investment loan to owner occupied, all needs catered by SlimMoneysAU.

You need Mortgage Brokers for Refinance

Personalized service to mortgage borrowers, keeping the current and future needs of the clients in mind while options evaluated for home loans more than 5000 mortgage products from different lenders for the refinance. We keep mortgage borrowers in control in all the steps while guidance is given along the way.

You have dealt with taking mortgage before and you do understand the steps and documents you need to provide. SlimMoneysAU treats you like and mature person and offer information and preferences to you select the product along the way. Selecting a home loan mortgage is one of the big deals. You have taken it before and learned from it. SlimMoneysAU will keep you fully informed and ask for the decisions from time to time for your next step in refinance. We are family based business and grow by word of mouth. We understand saving money in the family is important. SlimMoneysAU provides you with the critical details on each product suggested, so you can be confident in your refinance choice.

The RBA found that only one-third of new home loans are due to refinance; that leaves two-thirds of Aussies who could be saving by refinancing. If it is being more than 2 years since you previously financed then, now is time to shop around for refinance with the help of SlimMoneysAU and save.

Why Slim Money is your Mortgage Broker

You are assured by SlimMoneysAU that the short-listed refinance products selected is based on your preferred features in mortgage products. The mortgage product features preference such as fixed or variable loan, packaged or basic loan, Offset account, comparison period of the cost of the mortgage refinance are taken care. SlimMoneysAU explains financial jargon in simple English. SlimMoneysAU does all the leg and paper work for your refinance need with no cost to you.

While getting refinance Mortgage borrowers should take care. Fixed interest rate Mortgage loan and breaking cost involved is major reason Refinance can have exit and application fee. The positive sides can be cash back from the new lender and/or broker promotion. The refinance may have another reason such as debt consolidation, buy a new car, extension of the house, paying for ATO or super etc. SlimMoneysAU helps in evaluating the cost and pay back period of refinancing based on th aim of refinance.

Action plan to reduce mortgage cost

Join the growing number of Auzzie mortgage borrowers who are shopping around for getting the better deal. Start selecting the most suitable home loan. Use SlimMoneysAU and see how you could save time and money on home loan mortgage. Contact SlimMonysAU details are at

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